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About Us

Kinara Kinaara Statue At Kinaara Resort

Kinaara is a name that comes from the story of Kinara-Kinari, a fairyland creatures that the shape of a half man and half bird to keep the tree of life called "Kalpataru". Relief about Kinara-Kinari can be found in the temple Prambanan, especially on the outside foot of the temple, namely in the form of a lion statues in niches Kalpataru is flanked by the left and right on care by Kinara-Kinari. Kalpataru in some reference is translated as the tree of life that fulfill every wish of the people. Kalpataru is a tree of heaven, living along the time. Therefore, should be maintained by Kinara-Kinari.



The hotel were started to build a unique style resort on January 2014 by the idea of “the Nature of Hospitality”. Formerly the resort area was an abandon area for many years, used by the local to grow grass to feed their cows, the area totally 1 ha.

The building concept was following the land topography and utilize the existed resources.

Such as; the Natural Hot Water and the existed old trees. The natural hot water is sulphur odour free. We flow the natural hot water directly to the rooms and to our pool. Therefore we provide you the healthy natural hot water directly to your room and you can experience our warm pool water, which will give you a unique sensation during your stay.

During the construction we did a very little rake and fill to the land, almost all of the big trees were kept for to be our hotel decorations; such as the Palm, Tamarind and Nims tree. We believe by preserve the old trees; they will participate in bringing several benefits:

  • Add the natural touch for the resort.
  • We hope that we could participate in reduce the global warning effect. 
  • To be show our respect to the nature

Give the warm hospitality hug for everyone.

Kinaara Resort & Spa is Located in Pemuteran Village – North West coast of Bali, nestled  in 1 hectare tropical landscape under the palm tree of Pemuteran  village, the village has two backgrounds which consist of a wonderful sea with black sandy beaches and the breathtaking of mountain scenery along North West coast of Bali with the energy of Balinese concept “Nyegara Gunung” (The energy of connection between mountain and sea).

Kinaara Resort & Spa approximately 30 minutes drive from the closest Bali entrance (Gilimanuk harbor) and around 3,5 hours drive from Ngurah Rai International airport.

Offering 2 types of Indonesian traditional styled accommodation Lumbung Suite & Walekayu Suite, a superb swimming pool under the palm tree, Pemuteran village mountain scenery, tropical garden, restaurant, free wi-fi in all resort premises, SPA, and freindly Balinese family style service, Kinaara Resort & Spa is perfect place for a rejuvenation & relaxation from the daily life.