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Diving & Snorkeling

Diving & Snorkeling
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Diving & Snorkeling

Enjoy Pemuteran Underwater view

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The Pemuteran Reefs are coral covered sea mounds rising from a sandy bottom. The tops are shallow and start from 6-8m and go down to around 25-30m but the best diving is between 12-22m, so it’s suitable for the beginner and experienced diver.

Diving & Snorkeling Spot

 “BioRock Project”

In 1997 iron frame of different forms were built here with the help of WWF. On these frame pieces of coral were attached. By low voltage electricity, these corals can grow significantly faster than they would do under natural condition. Now we can already see a big variety of corals and tropical fishes here.


Menjangan Island

With its magnificent walls is something you can’t miss. It’s not only drop offs, but also caves and sandy path with eels. When the diver inspects the drop off, he will find an endless variety of small and bigger aquatic beings. Depending on the current, and lots of unpredictable conditions, you might spot some pelagic.


Secret Bay

Secret bay is a huge Mangrove bay, nurtured by the tidal currents. Diving in Secret Bay is only possible by high tide, when the visibility is good. The first site disturbing rubbish in the shallow bay, offers a home to a lot of else were very rare creatures, for example the mandarin fish, sea horse, sea snakes, dragonet, frog fish and much more.