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Things To Do


Kindly refer to menu below and contact front office team for further details.


Up and Away Tour

Destination :

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from Rp. 950.000

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Wonderful East Coast

  • Pulaki temple
  • Atlas Pearl farm
  • Traditional Gamelan making factory
  • Sekumpul multi Waterfall
  • Meduwe Karang Unique Temple
  • Beji Temple – Temple of prosperity
  • Lunch at Local seafood BBQ restaurant by the sea
  • Banjar Village; Buddhist Temple and Hot Spring Pool

from Rp. 850.000

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Around Bali Day Tour

While you enjoy our calm and relaxing resort, we are also could provide around Bali tour which will made you holiday be more memorable and excited. The tour quoted for minimum 02 person’s participants, the price indicated is for per person.

Bedugul Tour

  • Pulaki temple
  • Munduk Coffee plantations
  • Twin lake: Buyan lake and Tamblingan lake
  • Bedugul Ulu Danu Bratan Temple.
  • Gitgit Waterfall
  • Banjar Village; Buddhist Temple and Hot Spring Water Pool

from Rp. 800.000

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2 hours Treatment package after diving

Massage + Body Mask + Ear Candle

Rp. 290,000

Massage + Body Scrub

Rp. 200,000

Choice of 3 treatments Cumulative

Rp. 290,000

From SPA

We provide high quality, typical Balinese relaxation and spa services for our guests.

Experience our people's way of doing massages and beauty treatments, and let us take care of you during this relaxing time.

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Pearl Farm Tour

Learn about the oyster-breeding program, the cultivation cycle and see a demonstration of pearl seeding and harvesting
Visiting the pearl farm gives the unique opportunity to see and understand the whole process from the human intervention on the oyster, to the birth of the pearl and all various stages until it is finally extracted from the shell and made into a fine piece of jewellery.

from Rp. 200.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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Traditional Fishing (2-3 Hours)

Sailing along with native fisherman and traditional boat, get an amazing experience as a local fisherman.
Rate inclusive of; Guide, Transpotation, Mineral Water


from Rp. 330.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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Mangrove Tour (1-2 Hours)

Explore for more than 20 species of Mangrove that growing lush in Gilimanuk Bay.
This Mangrove forest is the habitat of grey monkey, kingfisher, crabs, and the some species of birds.

Rate inclusive of; Guide, Transpotation, Entrace fee, & Mineral water

from Rp. 590.000/person (Min.2 persons)

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Batu Korsi Hill trekking (2-3 hours)

A soft trip to the middle of the hills to visit the Chair Stone Shrine (Pura Batu Korsi).
Which is has a great fantastic panoramic view span from the eastern part Pemuteran, finally we will visit the hot spring temple before we reach back to the hotel.

Rate inclusive of; Guide, Donation fee, Offering, Transpotation, & Mineral Water

from Rp. 250.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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Rain forest long Trekking (7-8 Hour)

Explore two forest, monsoon and evergreen. Any species of animals inhabiting, includes grey monkeys, kingfisher, heron, curlew and many other species of birds. In the forest such as barking deer, deer, wild pigs. Then we’re going to evergreen forest. There living black monkeys, a species that we cannot find at another place. They live into groups and eat only leaves and fruits.

Rate inclusive of; Guide, Entrance fee, Transpotation, & Mineral Water

from Rp. 725.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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Turtle Hatchery Farm & White Sandy Beach (6 -7 Hour)

In this sea turtle hatchery farm, we will have a short tour and briefing regarding the sea turtle live and behavior. From the eggs till they are released to the wild sea (max. 10.00 am).
Afterward you will be escorted heading to the hidden white sandy beach, which offer you the clean and clear sea water with spectacular view of the hills and forest in the bay.
In this bay has been completed by several non-motor water activities, such as: duck paddling, snorkeling or just relax and lay down under the sun or under the trees by the beach till we pick you up after the sunset

Rate inclusive of; Guide, Transpotation, Mineral Water, coffee or tea or fresh fruit juice and simple Indonesian lunch at the white sandy beach restaurant (Not Including the Donation)

from Rp. 450.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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Ijen East Java Tour

Ijen Crater is the biggest Crater Lake in Java. The sulphur Crater Lake lies between a natural dams of deeply etched rock. It is 200 meters deep and contains about 36million cubic meters of steaming acid water, shrouded in a smelling swirling sulphur cloud. Inside the crater the different colour and size of stones are found. Indeed the crater of Ijen is beautiful garden of stone as well.
The view of sulphur miners who climb and go down to the crater is also amazing. A man puts about 10 kg of yellowish stone in to his basket, before he descends the mountain slope to sell his load, carrying the same basket, going in the same direction, digging the same mineral. It is the natural picture that can be seen every day.

Rate inclusive of; Guide, Transpotation, Lunch, & Entrace fee

from Rp. 990.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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Romance by the Pool Dinner Rp.750.000/person
An ultimate romantic dinner by the pool, Music of nature will complement the night as you enjoy our Melt-in-the-mouth Cuisine. The intoxicating aura of romance is certainly an experience that will stay with you forever.

Romantic Dinner under the star & the palm tree Rp.750.000/person
Follow the alluring scent of romance where your personal chef orchestrates a gourmet medley in the heart of nature.

*Both dinners will serve a 4 courses International Set Menu where our chef will prepare & serve it directly.
*All dinner available daily from 6pm onwards, weather permitting and we can only accommodate one couple per dinner per day. As great deal of preparation is required, we ask that you make your reservation 24 hours prior to dinner. Beverages are not included and need to be pre-ordered at least four hours prior to dinner.

Diving & Snorkeling

Discover the fascinating underwater realm of the world-class diving area of Menjangan Island.

Kinaara Resort & Spa provides a newly up-grade dive centre facilities with complete equipments.

To ensure highest quality safety & diving development, all dive courses will be conducted by our worldwide experienced PADI - certified instructors

Dive Sites (rate per person for min. 2 persons)

Menjangan Island
2 x Dives @ 1 hour/dive Rp.875.000
Snorkeling trip @ 1 hour/snorkeling Rp.575.000

Other Sites
Tulamben Wreck 2 x Dives Rp.975.000
Secret Bay 2 x Dives Rp.775.000
Purijati Bay 2 x Dives Rp.775.000
Inclusive of Tank, Weight Belt, Transportation, Entry Ticket & Lunch Boxes, minimum booking two Divers.
Other equipment’s are available on rental basis.

Bio-Rock (House of reef)*
1 x Dives @ 1 hour/dive Rp. 300.000/person
Snorkeling Rp. 100.000/person
*Rate including equiptment, excluded dive guide and lunch box.
Dive guide can be arranged at IDR 60,000/dive.

Yoga Asanas Class (Minimum 2 persons)

Perhaps your body is in shape, but peace of mind and tranquility is harder to obtain in your everyday lifestyle.This yoga class is designed for people who are beginner to intermediate level in yoga and want to learn more about the origins and benefits of the discipline.
Discuss and get several advice and solutions during the sessions directly with the expert.
Beginners (1 hour) Rp. 150.000/person
Intermediate (2 hour) Rp. 250.000/person
*) Bonus meditation lesson for interested participants
Rate inclusive of; Experienced Yoga Acharya, Yoga matt, & healthy juice for refreshment

Bird Watching (2-3 hours, min. 2 persons)

West Bali National Park is an area protected by government, is a heaven for its wild life, including hundreds of unique Bali bird….Bird watching is an activity not to miss when visits Bali National Park!
Rate inclusive of; Guide, Entrance fee, Transpotation, & Mineral Water

from Rp. 600.000/person

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Simply ride your bike. Enjoy west Bali unpolluted air, meet Balinese native and see the local traditions…it’s an exceptional experience!

from Rp. 50.000/Bike/Day

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Jungle trekking (2-3 hours)

A Jungle expedition to the remote area of West Bali National Park, where the real virgin landscaping offers it’s protected flora and fauna.

Rate inclusive of; Guide, Entrance fee, Transpotation, & Mineral Water

from Rp. 525.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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Turtle Farm Tour Only

Also in Pemuteran beach area, you may find a Turtle Farm at Reef Seen to provide a family touch to the turtles. The purpose is to protect the living sea turtles and increase the chances for turtle hatchlings to reach maturity.

from Rp. 200.000/Car (Max. 4 persons)

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Table Stone Hill trekking (3-4 hours)

A morning trip lead you to see the first face of the sunrise from the top of the “Table Stone Hill”.
Which is has a great fantastic panoramic view span from the eastern part Bali Sea till cross overview the Raung Mountain at East Java Island.
On the way we will see the Indonesian Army practicing shooting range, finally we will visit the hot spring temple before we reach back to the hotel.

Rate inclusive of; Guide, Donation fee, Offering, Transpotation, & Mineral Water

from Rp. 300.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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Dolphin Tour

The dolphin searching tour in this place is quite different where we use the traditional boats to explore the ocean.
The time of visit is very limited when the sunrise time only, you will enjoy the magnificent view of the hills from in the middle of the sea and the enjoy the calm Pemuteran wave.

from Rp. 350.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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Temple & Grapes Farm Tour

Pulaki temple is a famous temple among the Hindu people in Bali. There are the group of monkeys dwell the hill forest around the temple and it usually standing around the temple in the day time. The Beautiful beach with black sand and calm sea water is one of the fascinations to visitor to come to this temple. You can find the beautiful hill bank and beaches along the coastal road, during the tour there will be a stop over in a grapes farm (one of North-West Bali farming speciality).

Rate inclusive of; Guide, Transpotation, Entrace fee, & Mineral water

from Rp. 150.000/person (Min. 2 persons)

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